Month: June 2016

Fantastic Furniture Made By Outstanding Individuals


Due to a having a work force made up of individuals who are both dedicated and skilled, Welcome Furniture is a fantastic furniture manufacturer supplied by The Bedroom Place. Their equipment consists of the latest state of the art technology, which is fitted into all of their factories. They sell and make amazing quality furniture with an age worn dignity that should only be available through the passing of time; it’s also sold at an affordable price. Each piece they create is quality tested to check for any faults or any more serious issues. All of their furniture is ready assembled, as they as a company don’t like or agree with flat packed furniture being sent to customers. They understand the importance of customer service and time keeping for orders; which is why they have their own set of delivery vehicles and personal drivers.


welcome furniture imagesOne of the ranges is the Contrast range which comes in a bigger range of wonderful, gorgeous and unique colours; such as Lyon ash, Panga, Cocobolo, Vanilla, Toronto, Walnut, Elm and many more. With this range you get to choose a finish for the doors and then match it with a base unit finish. There’s also, Pembroke, comes in six luxurious finishes; which are White, White gloss, Beech, Cream, Light Oak and Driftwood. This range includes furniture such as a variety of robes, headboards, desks, vanities, drawer deep chests, drawer lockers and many more. Then another one of the ranges is Knightsbridge, this also splits off into Knightsbridge teens which come in slightly different colours. The Knightsbridge teen furniture range comes in white, black, pink and red. Whereas the main Knightsbridge range, comes in more mature and gorgeous colours such as cream, white, ruby, black, ebony, aubergine, mushroom and Kashmir; some of these come in both gloss and matt finishes.  The Mayfair range gives you a choice of ten gloss doors and drawer fronts, five gloss tops and five base unit colours. These four finishes are pink, black, white and ebony. These colours will make the furniture stand out more.


One of the platinum ranges would be Coral Bay, this comes in three calming and soothing colours; mussel, cream high gloss and white high gloss, each one of these also comes with Bardolino. One of the platinum ranges would be Cardigan Bay, this comes in three calming and soothing colours; cream, white and Bardolino oak. The following pieces are available in all six of the platinum ranges, stools, mirrors, three drawer vanity units, six drawer dressing tables, child’s wardrobe, as well as many other pieces of furniture.



Accountants in Newport say Britain Would Have to Impose Higher Tariffs on Imports

Brexit would have the largest impact on the United kingdom, although it would still have a significant effect on the EU. Almost all of the Britains trade would somehow need to be negotiated. Trade is important to the British economy, consequently it’s significant that everybody understands the facts and don’t underestimate the possible consequences. One of the consequences of Brexit would include that Britain would most possible lose their preferential access to markets which are covered by thirty six trade agreements and fifty eight other countries, that had been negotiated by the EU. This means that the Britain would then have to impose higher tariffs on imports from the 58 countries, while they would have to levy their own surcharges on British exports. These additional tariffs might end up costing United kingdom consumers almost 10 billion pounds. This means they would be planning for negotiations which can take years. Trade agreements are a exceedingly complex thing plus can be tricky to negotiate; they can also be quite slow and time consuming. Even if Uk are equipped to begin trading with different countries, the different countries may not be in the correct position to trade at that time in time. One of the bad consequences of Brexit would be that it might be damaging for the UK and the EU, as they possibly either decrease trade or rise the cost of their deals with each other. Brexit might decrease other countries interest in the Britain and could reduce investments from other parts of the EU.

As a consequence of Brexit the UK could struggle to get any new investments, there are some things which Brexit wont have any influence on such as deep capital markets and the language. The economic effect of Brexit is not as obvious cut in either direction as most prior analyses have suggested. Instead it will depend on a number of hard decisions within the Britain and Europe. The worst case scenario is if by 2030, the United kingdom fails to strike a do business trade with the rest of the EU and will not pursue a free trade agenda, the GDP would be 2.2p.c lower than if the Britain had stayed in the EU. The top outcome is that by 2030, the UK managed to make an agreement with the EU. This will result in the Britain GPD being roughly 1.6% higher than if it remained inside the EU. Brexit could result in most of the United kingdom banking industry losing entry to the single market, prompting major banks to think about relocating to maintain access to the Euro market. A bad result of Brexit possibly be serious political opposition in the UK.